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Our Concert with VMWC. Nov 11

Incantation and Dance. Recorded by Terry Randall

Rehearsal with VMWC. Nov 7th

Rehearsal. July 11/23

Eastlink Community TV Bandfest Story

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Remembering Dr Love!

Remembering Nina!

John’s 90th Birthday Bash!

John’s 90th Birthday
John’s Birthday Song By Marilynn

DCB Brass. V 1.0

NDAC Grand Opening Day!

Photos by Rick Talarczyk

NDAC Grand Opening Day!

DCB plays ‘Curtain Call’


The DCB Brass

Remembering Phil

Rehearsal Night Photo by Joan Randall

Phil Warren 1932 – 2022

We were deeply saddened to hear of the recent passing of one of our founding members and longtime clarinetist, Phil Warren.  We will certainly miss his fine playing in our Delta Concert Band and Tailgate Jazz Band, as well as his dry wit and sense of humour. As it turns out, Phil was also conductor Jim Tempest’s Psychology professor in university, so a multilevel association that is one of the many treasured aspects of playing in a community band. 

No doubt, Phil is reunited with his beloved wife, Dee, who also was one of our supporters, and is entertaining folks with his clarinet and pearls of wisdom now that they are together in a better place.

Our first 2021 rehearsal at the North Delta Arts Centre!
Group shot of DCB
Photo by Anthony Medeiros, NDAC
New base drum
Photos by Nina Dobbyn, DCB
Nice Bassdrum!!!
Celebrating our first rehearsal of 2021!
Sunshine Hill rehearsal 21-07-06
Photos by Joan Randall
2020 Virtual Christmas party!
Celebrating our first rehearsal of the 2020 season!

A wonderful night of music making and camaraderie.    We look forward to the time when all of you are able to join us.     We miss you!

Rehearsal Fall 2020
Thanks, David, for capturing the event.
Fall 2020

Chrissie Thernes, Delta Concert Band, French horn 

I know that the need for community and connection is greater than ever before. In the time of a global pandemic, activities that have the ability to connect us emotionally while maintaining a safe distance have become a saving grace. In particular, creativity through the visual arts, music, poetry, painting, and movement have blossomed as opportunities where we are reminded of what it is to be human.

Creating Music Together

I had not realized how much I missed music rehearsals with my community concert band. We were physically distanced and wore masks as we set up music stands and chairs, but as we started playing my brain attuned in a way I had forgotten existed. Amidst all the strangeness and stress of the pandemic, playing live with other musicians in the open air sent a lightning bolt of connection directly to my heart.

Photo by Ryan Owsnett

The neighbourhood felt it as well. People out walking were inextricably drawn towards the music. Some stopped briefly, and others brought blankets or camp chairs to bask in the evening sun and listen to the music being created.

“Community and connection remind us of what it means to be human.”

The music played through me and eddied around my feet before rising up into the warm, evening air. My heart ached as the final chords evaporated – a simple beauty that I had not even realized I missed.

As the sun began to dip lower our rehearsal ended and the masks reappeared. We were careful not to linger in our usual groups as we packed up to go home. We retreated to our separate vehicles, but I carried a re-remembered togetherness as I hummed unconsciously all the way home.

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Chrissie Thernes, Delta Concert Band, French horn     

At our last rehearsal before Covid, Guy Roberts (trumpet), who was subbing for Joan, got out his camera and took this picture of us rehearsing in the Centre.

Brant Mitchell, our wonderful Euphonium player, and member of the DCB for almost 50 years, decided to retire from the Band in September.    We miss Brant and his beautiful tone.

Brant Mitchell accepting Retirement Award from Marilynn Turner. Christmas Concert 2019. Award artwork by DCB member, Cathey Tyler; Photo by DCB member, Joan Randall